Frequently Asked Questions

What make NuMe3D so special?

Aside from Jan, our coach and founder (obviously!), we have a unique pricing structure, longer session times and various location options. Uniquely, we provide feedback after each session (see the section called 'Our Difference' on the home page). No other coaching practice does this!

We also have NuMe3D for Business - incorporating Jan's business experience with her down-to-earth, jargon-free approach to life coaching and business. (see NuMe3D4B)

How Long is a Coaching Sessions?

Most coaches provide one hour sessions – NuMe3D will book you a two-hour slot and if things progress more quickly we will credit you the time in another session. How can we do this? By using our time more effectively! Utilising ‘spare’ time instead of dedicating specific hours at the end of the day for the admin and prep is more effective – in fact getting more done more accurately. Plus, frankly, it’s less of a drag.

How Many Coaching Sessions Will I Need?

That depends on you, your specific goals and current situation. NuMe3D is flexible and willing to work with your schedule and whatever plan works best with your goals. The reason behind the two-hour booking slot is that many clients find an hour not quite long enough - from a coaching point of view, the last thing we want to do is cut you off just as you are getting into your stride! We don’t hold you to a contracted number of sessions - sometimes one is enough.

Phone, Email or Face to Face?

Usually a combination. Face to face can get quicker results initially as body language and facial expressions can speak volumes. Follow-up sessions can often be done by phone or email, depending on the circumstances, and your preference.

Where do you meet clients?

NuMe3D does not have dedicated coaching space – it keeps our costs down and therefore the cost to you. Introductory sessions are usually held in a convenient café or quiet pub. Depending on the circumstances it may even be possible to hold full coaching sessions there, too – but we do have space we occasionally rent at very reasonable rates - currently in Granton and Saughton, though other areas may be possible.

What happens?

Our coffee appointments are casual & friendly - it's not a coaching session, but a chance to introduce ourselves and chat. If we can chat, we can work together.

Full sessions can be hard work, but can also be fun. The object of the session is that you learn something about yourself; it is your coach's job to make that happen by asking appropriate questions. This goes at your pace, and you don't have to reveal anything you don't want to. Your coach will be guided at all times by you and if you or your coach decide to end a particularly challenging or progressive session early, that's fine - your time will be credited to your next session.

Always remember that these sessions are about improving your life in some way, but you have to put the work in. They may be challenging, uplifting and sometimes frustrating but should always be fulfilling.

How much will it cost?

Our first meeting is free – it is not a coaching session but a chance to find out if we can talk to each other and are on the same wavelength. There is no obligation for either of us.

If things work out and you are happy to go ahead, our unique pricing structure is very simple:

2 hrs = £65

(The going rate in Edinburgh now is £60-£110 per hour)

That’s it!

How do I pay?

Because our rates are so reasonable, payment is in advance through PayPal:

Alternatively, if you are happy to go ahead and book a session at the intial meeting, cash is acceptable.

Don’t see your question here?

Drop me a line – my contact details are below, or use the contact form. Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question & it may help us improve our FAQs


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